Shaban Habib Co-Founder, hellofriend
I am a founder of hellofriend, we are part of Harvard Innovation Labs, we wanted to build our blockchain-based app, by LinkedIn Search we found the founders. It's been more than a year taking their help in product development, Testing, Requirement document, They have been very supportive. Happy to recommend.
Ritesh Rangare Founder Startup Station
Blurang is very nice idea, I am founder of startupstation, we helped 6 startups to raise funds to kickstart and expand their business ideas and concepts. Today, Startup Space Station is central India's biggest startup community with a successful record of supporting more than 400 startups. Most resourceful network for startups. We partnered with Bluerang so we can help our startups / Entrepreneurs to find right tech partners.
Vinay Sahu Alfyi Solutions
Earlier we were taking projects from upwork, they were charging high. Through LinkedIn we got Magento, HTMl work but profitability was an issue, hiring people was pain. I spoke to Bluerang team, shared my past work, they helped me to get 3 WordPress projects. Now I could put that projects in my portfolio, I don't have to pay any commission.
Sarthak Doshi Co-Founder Skyspace
Skyspace is premium co-working space. We help entrepreneurs to get investment, our expertise is in IPO and Big Size PE investment. We have 3000+ companies in our Network. I am sure partnership with Bluerang help them strengthening their tech which everyone look for.
Atinder Founder of Zabius Technology
We got two projects, all related to Logistics, we were able to deliver faster, clients were happy. Ofcourse similar domain project gives more profitability to company and confidence to client. Good Luck Bluerang team.
Ankit Agrawal Founder, BhaiFi
We wanted to make an App, someone Having WiFi and networking domain experience. I contacted Bluerang for help. In a day we found who has built something I was looking for.
Pranav Founder, Flux
Our projects delivered smoother due to Bluerang because everyone working has same understanding. there's was no confusion. I can see magic.
Ankit Agrawal Mercedes
We wanted do to one POC, I was looking for team who can execute fast. Bluerang helped us find right vendors. I will recommend this.
Nemesh Singh Founder, Appointy
Bluerang is a great idea, this is going to help most of IT companies make profit, remove a lot of hiring and hunting hassle.
Manish Founder, Ovonts
We have actually build our prototype faster that have been waiting forever to get done.
Avdhesh Solanki Founder, Recooty
Now We don't have to Interview through hundreds of the freelancers. This is so much efficient in getting all information price, past work at one place. Also, no commission win my heart.
Vikram Goel AVP, Tech Mahindra
It has eliminated the need for a lot of extra manpower and communication and reduced a lot of efforts to get product development faster.
Jatin Hexaware
We've stopped looking vendors in multiple places for outsourcing partnership and instead we've focused on Bluerang.
Sangram Founder, MTJF
Since its launch, within two months, the app has gained over 45,000 users. Top-notch work on time and at cost-effective rates. Constant communication and regular feedback sessions let the process run smoothly throughout. We also get selected by Apple, I totally recommend bluerang team.
Piyush Goel lalaji24x7
I had to explain my idea to them a few times, based on their advise we went through a few rounds of changes, then they connected me one partner but we got great results. I’m getting positive feedback from users now.
Piyush Founder, Edufyme
This is so much efficient in getting all information price, past work at one place. Also, no commission win my heart.
Jacob Founder
I was looking at a lot of different companies. I'm in Berlin and, initially, I tried to find companies in Berlin, but they were all expensive and none of them seemed to be excited about the project. I went to Linkedin, and I talked with a lot of different companies, most of whom were very poor, Then i got to know about them, they connected me with a partner, Our project finished recently, on time. We are really happy and would love to recommend. I don't want to share app name because we are raising funds and claiming we did in-house, but love to recommend.
Michael Founder, GN Ai
Compared to our previous tech partner, the new partner is much more experience working with relevant domain knowledge. Earlier, i have to tell, do this, look for this competitor, whenever i say something, their sales guy come with a change request and bill. Really i hate that negotiation part. Bluerang connected me domain expert team, they had similar work experience with many founders like me, this time it was reversed, they consulted me, we were clear about price and time.As they have things ready, the price was better, no more bugs.I love the concept.
James Founder, BlueTrade
It was pretty good. They were very responsive, and the longest I had to wait for an answer was one day. They always followed up with me and had my back. Helped me in the budget, which technology is scalable or in future if i had to hire someone which tech team i could found where. In case we got funded, how easily i can take handover and how they help to set up our team here.I found good team, never thought this could be such simple.
Ali Founder, Dale
We need our Taxi booking app in Arabic & English language, I was looking for partners but it's hard to find developers in Jordan. In google search i found them, they were not charging a commission, i spoke to them, they listen carefully, helped me with one proposal document.I understood until i don't have a clear requirement, modules, task, technology defined budget could be random and hard to negotiate. They suggested some videos, articles and sample requirement doc. I prepared a list and they helped me find a good partner in my budget. These guys are very very good, very patient. I love to take their help for even small task like how to keep idea protected, they helped me find patent partner, Non-disclosure agreement etc.Good luck, From remote, it's quite difficult to get trust, i burnt my money earlier two times with freelancers. But this time finally i got the best.Please don't mind my English.
Pramod Co-Founder, Wow my kids
I am a co-founder of WowMykids, in the USA for the last 15 years, Always thought to do my own startup, burnt my money finding a right partner. Had pretty bad experience, When i searched about them, they seem trustable, but this time i visited personally. Took a flight met them, shared my vision, I been honest about my concern and not ready to pay upfront. These guys helped me with a legal agreement, we spent a day together. I got to know the reasons why projects fail, why service providers are not able to deliver on time. Thanks to god, work was done really well, good price, and on time. Thanks a lot, best wishes.
Imran Sr. Manager IBM
100 times better than Upwork, Faster, easy to use and very supportive team. They have verified reliable partner, which makes this enterprise ready
Gaurav Founder Bingage App
I love the ease of use, simple way. No boring bidding, negotiations. Really hassle-free never thought, hiring and managing team could be this much simple.