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Toronto, Canada

datarockets is a highly-motivated team of developers whose strength is in everyday communication. We work at full capacity to ensure efficient and expeditious progress every day. We deliver tasks right when they are ready. That's why such clients as Nike Inc., Holacracy One, Wargaming, and others, appreciate working with us. We work in a way when you don't need to ask about updates from our side. We give them regularly and always stay on one page with our client's team. We receive at least one referral per client, which is the best sign for us that we do our job great.

Is Company Certified Certified Company
Employees 10 to 50 Employees
Budget Avg. budget: $24999-$49999
Hourly Rate Hourly rate: $25-$50
Works in
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Node.js
  • React.js
  • RESTful
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Vue.js
  • GraphQL
  • Ruby
  • Bootstrap

Company's Portfolio
  • nhuPZSHSuuQh2Ti7LB5w

    GlassFrog makes it possible to manage employees, their roles and responsibilities in a simple and visual-rich way. datarockets has implemented a variety of features on the project: from UX improvements to complex integrations and app optimization.

    Technology Used: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, React, GraphQL, Kubernetes
    Delivery Days: 500 - ongoing
    Your Charges: $Undisclosed
  • TEXtGIW4QaSZzUaErp6m

    In the app, users can create an account, top it up via bank transfers or API, and get money back on a bank account or crypto wallet.Our team has been working on authentication/authorization, notifications, accounts support, bank accounts management.

    Technology Used: React, Pug, Redux-Saga, Styled-Components, Jest, Flow
    Delivery Days: 120
    Your Charges: $Undisclosed
  • 0j9aejw0R8KhClnYByhJ

    Everything users need to do is to describe their event, venue requirements and the platform will automatically match the best venue options. Users receive proposals from venue administrators, compare them in real-time and make their choice.

    Technology Used: Ruby on Rails, Postgresql, Vue.js, Bootstrap
    Delivery Days: 150
    Your Charges: $Undisclosed


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