We are a software development company that gathered technology experts with great experience in building outstanding products. We are specialized in full-cycle Product development and we are offering complimentary quote generation, project management, advising and guidance in parallel with Product development.

Is Company Certified Certified Company
Employees 0 to 10 Employees
Budget Avg. budget: $10000-$24999
Hourly Rate Hourly rate: $25-$50
Works in
  • React
  • React Native
  • Java

Company's Portfolio
  • rMA4g5riQOmKl27A1QfP
    Web&Mobile Apps for Bakery business

    We had a request to create Web and Mobile apps for the Bakery business. We had to create them easily usable with smooth UX and UI. We have used to React and React Native to implement the design and Java to create a stable backend.

    Technology Used: React, React Native and Java
    Delivery Days: 80
    Your Charges: $30000
  • YEUvu2EWRUGzsDT3bjR8
    In-game items marketplace

    We have successfully delivered the In-game item marketplace with the following elements: - Authentication - Registration/Login - Add items to profile - Sell them to other Users on auction - Buy other items from other Users - Implement security layer

    Technology Used: React, Java
    Delivery Days: 120
    Your Charges: $31000
  • pjNt2UDSkahNUbocM1Bo
    Big data preparation

    We had a task to prepare existing Enterprise system with Big data in order to be able to implement the AI machine learning algorithms that are going to use that data in order to make some decisions.

    Technology Used: Java, Hadoop
    Delivery Days: 90
    Your Charges: $30000
  • 0BLr3gn9QMScWU8Mb69s
    Photo industry e-commerce web app

    Functionalities implemented: - Registration/Login with email or social networks - Choose products that are offered, add to cart, pay by Credit Card - Share products through Social Networks - Preview items that were bought

    Technology Used: React, Java
    Delivery Days: 60
    Your Charges: $15000


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