RadicalLoop Technolabs LLP

Ahmedabad, India

> We are a small team of experienced and expert engineers building web based and mobile applications. > We have had been developing custom web applications for clients from countries like UK, Canada, US, Israel, Denmark etc., in various domains like Insurance, Finance, HRMS, e-Commerce, CRM, HRMS etc. > The clients who start working with us, continue to work with us for a prolonged period of time, most of them still ongoing.

Is Company Certified Certified Company
Employees 10 to 50 Employees
Budget Avg. budget: $5000-$9999
Hourly Rate Hourly rate: $10-$25
Works in
  • Laravel
  • Angular
  • React
  • Vue
  • Node
  • Mongo
  • Flutter

Company's Portfolio
  • cSxyibVTLinswrQgOdJT

    It's an ongoing project, with feature addition / improvements at regular intervals. --> Manage Your Leads & Contacts, --> Send & Track Emails, --> Build Webforms or Integrate your Website with API, --> Beautiful Reports

    Technology Used: Laravel, jQuery, Vue.js, Stripe
    Delivery Days: 150
    Your Charges: $20000


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