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Hykmann Techno India Pvt Ltd

bangalore, india

ykmann Technologies, We are a Bangalore based leading Technology Service Provider involved in Embedded Systems Design, Product Engineering, and Internet of Things (IoT). We were incorporated in the year 2017 and are advancing every year by keeping up with the growing technologies and trends such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc. Recognized as a trusted Technology Service Provider in Bangalore, we have a stronghold in PCB Designs, Virtual Simulations, and Project Implementation. We have been dedicated to realizing ideas into a prototype. We proudly say that we are a team built out of a passion for Technology and help people with its adaption.

Is Company Certified Certified Company
Employees 10 to 50 Employees
Budget Avg. budget: $5000-$9999
Hourly Rate Hourly rate: $10-$25
Works in
  • PHP
  • .net
  • java
  • html
  • css
  • swift
  • angular

Company's Portfolio
  • WUbUKkaxSrWqLipzhTnM
    Hunger Fills

    Food Delivery Website is similar to Swiggy and Zomato. Complete UI,UX Designed, Developed using MVC Laravel. Admin ,Super Admin, Third Party API Integrations is carried out Successfully.

    Technology Used: PHP, HTML,CSS
    Delivery Days: 65
    Your Charges: $7500
  • My4OHsgeRVSpKQNkTXHx
    Vimbo Continuing Learning

    It requires us to develop admin super admin, Separate Logins for CE Member, Education provider, Employee. 7 modules with each having dependency on others were developed and delivered successfully.

    Technology Used: Laravel, HTML, Angular
    Delivery Days: 90
    Your Charges: $8000
  • AF2mVRH1S2O1R6LwTZpL
    Web offline Componet

    User Screens, Dashboards, Admin and Super Admin Panels, offline functionality of the entire web application. Grid Style was used and is completely responsive with functionalities of streaming videos offline.

    Technology Used: Laravel, Angular, Service Woker, Manifest File
    Delivery Days: 110
    Your Charges: $150000


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