Manchester, UK

Digiryte is a multi award-winning Software development company known for its expertise in creating robust Web and Mobile based applications and systems. With a highly talented team of well experienced engineers, Digiryte has successfully delivered a range of complex projects, involving AI, machine learning, blockchain, IoT and more, for a variety of client including startups to corporates like Channel 4, Close Brothers and the NHS.

Is Company Certified Certified Company
Employees 50 to 100 Employees
Budget Avg. budget: $24999-$49999
Hourly Rate Hourly rate: $50-$100
Works in
  • Ruby
  • Rails
  • NodeJS
  • ReactJS
  • Python
  • Angular
  • JavaScript
  • Swift
  • React Native
  • Flutter

Company's Portfolio
    Channel 4 | Web Application

    Advanced data analytics & AI system for the Channel-4 reality show, 'Personal Dater' where our system’s prediction won traditional human prediction of personality analysis with above 95% accuracy.

    Technology Used: Ruby on Rails, Python 2.7
    Delivery Days: 90
    Your Charges: $50,000+
  • qL0xJicvSWWhAx81LdxM
    NHS | Web Application

    A collaborative platform on the web for a wing of NHS to deliver the right information to the patients in need. From bookmarking favourite news articles to booking an appointment everything was made simple and easy to use.

    Technology Used: PHP
    Delivery Days: 90
    Your Charges: $30,000+
  • v5bzfFpoTy0TPX3n8YQo
    Close Brothers | Web Application

    Our collaboration with Close Brothers was to build a 'Financial Wellbeing Fitness Test’ for employers and individuals across the UK and manage operations via a unique, simplified dashboard allowing clear visualisation of data and tracked metrics.

    Technology Used: Rails, Docker
    Delivery Days: 60
    Your Charges: $20,000+
  • IoIHyhVPRvmqSDux0wfC
    Acuity Coaching | Web Platform

    The complete digital transformation of the business process for the leading executive coaching company which has coached 432 of Fortune 500 companies till date.

    Technology Used: Ruby on Rails 5.0, React, MySQL
    Delivery Days: 300+
    Your Charges: $300,000+
  • siAwgUVQhC9f6dThVWuT
    Orange Salons | Web

    Digiryte built a complete booking, management and analytics system for Orange, with a sprinkle of Artificial Intelligence all over to make informed decisions with almost zero effort.

    Technology Used: Ruby on Rails, EmberJS, Metabase, Docker
    Delivery Days: 200
    Your Charges: $150,000+
  • mGwD5xixRriPdXEeUQq2
    Dental Care | Mobile

    Digiryte built highly functional, easy-to-use educational app which covers the main areas to help maintain better oral hygiene. The app won the 2018 FMC Dental Industry App of the Year award.

    Technology Used: React Native, PHP
    Delivery Days: 90
    Your Charges: $20,000+
  • BD49C7yKSjinwXk6eowM
    Signmatics | Web

    A complete management solution for an advertising agency to create and manage complex marketing solutions. The AI is also able to analyse content, budget and goals to suggest marketing startegies.

    Technology Used: Rails, ReactJS, Redis
    Delivery Days: 300+
    Your Charges: $300,000
  • lCzY0d0WTbmbjB2mFXXs
    DON | Mobile

    BlockChain enabled intuitive app only for the world’s most elite network of multi-millionaires, billionaires & banking desks to share investment opportunities among their elite circle.

    Technology Used: Flutter, Firebase(FCM), Cloud Function, Cloud Firestore
    Delivery Days: 200+
    Your Charges: $250,000+
  • gfandwJARY12RSApDD6p
    Hinch Property Management | Web & Mobile

    This system allows the property management company to make its entire process digital and highly automated. Assigning clerks, creating custom invoices, maintaining an extensive property catalogue and many more features.

    Technology Used: ReactJS, Rails, Flutter, Firebase(FCM)
    Delivery Days: 200+
    Your Charges: $150,000+


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